Upcoming Review Format

Beyond capturing the normal critical analysis and inspiring moments of each performance, NJCATTLECALL also provides a quick snapshot of the event in our Highlights, Lowlights and Final Curtain Review sections. Without poring over the entire review, simply click the links at the top of the review page to obtain a more brief summary of the event. Below is a brief description of what each section covers.


The normal review will cover all of the stand out moments that a production has to offer. This section, however, skims by the good and emphasizes the compelling, hopefully leaving you with a reason to plan your next night out.


Though a lengthy review may pull apart a show for its smallest inconsistencies, the Lowlight section is intended to indicate the elements that should have been avoided at all cost. Only the most egregious flaws will predominate this area.

Final Curtain

An overall rating of the production as a whole, taking in every infinitesimal detail, and wrapping it up into a tidy brief summary. Definitely the place to start if short on time or attention span.

Your feedback is always appreciated and taken into consideration as NJCATTLECALL continues to expand.


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