Daydreamer Productions

Little Shop of Horrors

AGES 12-19 ONLY!

Saturday, May 5th and Sunday, May 6th
@ 502 B Laurel Brook Drive, Brick NJ


Saturday, May 19th @
-The Actors Workshop- 76 Monmouth Road, Oakhurst NJ



The production staff asks that all auditioners prepare 32 bars of a comedic Broadway song as well as a comedic monologue. Bring comfortable clothes to dance in as well. Please bring sheet music in the appropriate key!


Character Breakdown:

AUDREY The bleached-blond, Billie-Dawn-like, secret love of his life. If you took Judy Holiday, Carol Channing, Mailyn Monroe and Goldie Hawn, removed their education and feelings of self-worth, dressed them in spiked heels and a low-cut black dress, and then shook them all up in a test tube to extract what’s sweetest and most vunerable-that’d be Audrey. Low A to High D

CRYSTAL, RONNETTE AND CHIFFON Three female street urchins who function as participants in the action and a Greek Chorus outside it. They’re young, hip, smart and the only people in the whole cast who REALLY know what’s going on. In their “Greek Chorus” capacity, they occassionally sing to the audience directly. And when they do, it’s often with a “secret-smile” that says: “we know something you don’t know.”

MR. MUSHNIK Their boss. A failure of an East Side florist. His accent, if he has one, is more that of middle class New York than of Eastern Europe. He seldom smiles but often sweats. Low G to High E flat

ORIN A tall, dark, handsome dentist with a black leather jacket and sadistic tendencies. He is NOT, however, a leftover from the movie version of GREASE. Think instead of an egotistical pretty-boy — all got up like a greaser but thinking like an insurance salesman and talking like a radio announcer. (The actor who plays A Voice not unlike God’s, Wino #2, Customer, Radio Announcer, Mr. Berstein, Mrs. Luce, Skip Snip, and Patrick Martin.)

SEYMOUR Mid-twenties and perhaps balding a little. Our insecure, naive, put-upon, florist’s clerk hero. Above all, he’s a sweet and well-meaning little man. He is not a silly, pratfalling nerd, and therefore should not be played as the hero of a Jerry Lewis film. Low A to High G

THE PLANT (AUDREY II) An anthropomorphic cross between a Venus flytrap and an avocado. It has a huge, nasty-looking pod which gains a shark-like aspect when open and snapping at food. The creature is played by a series of four increasing large puppets, manipulated by one Puppeteer. (Who also plays Wino #1 in the first scene.) The first time we see The Plant, it is less than one foot tall. The last time we see it, it fills the entire stage.

VOICE OF THE PLANT Provided by an actor on an offstage microphone. It is important that this actor have clear visual access to the puppets onstage, so that he can provide accurate lip-synch. The sound is a cross between Otis Redding, Barry White, and Wolfman Jack. Think of The Voice as that of a street-smart, funky, conniving villain — Rhythm and Blues’ answer to Richard the Third.

ENSEMBLE -> 6 members of the ensemble are featured in all group numbers and have solo lines. Looking for talent! Movement is a plus!

interAct Theatre Productions

Big Screen to Broadway: A Musical Revue

interACT Theatre Productions
announces AUDITIONS for
interACT Sings! Big Screen to Broadway: A Musical Revue

May 6, 2012 1p-5p and
May 8, 2012 7p-10p

The Burgdorff Theater
10 Durand Rd.
Maplewood, NJ 07040

Appointments Strongly Suggested
Please visit for more information and to schedule an audition time.

Auditionees should prepare 16-32 bars of one ballad and one up-tempo piece.
Auditionees should also be prepared for a light movement audition and dress accordingly.
Please bring resume and headshot if you have one. If you do not have either of these, please don’t worry there will be a form to fill out and a picture will be taken of you.

Auditions are non-equity only.

Casting Men and Women of all ages

Performance Dates:
June 15 and 16, 2012

Holmdel Theatre Company

Inherit the Wind

Audition Dates:
Mon, May 14 @ 7pm
Tue, May 15 @ 7pm


All Roles Are Open
Special Appearance Equity Contracts Available

Needed are several performers, both female and male, ranging in age, including some middle school / high school aged performers. Those auditioning need attend only one of the regular audition dates. Monologues are welcome but not required. No pre-registration is required. Audition sides from the script will be provided.

Rehearsals will run through June and July.
Performances are July 20th thru Aug 4th.
Cast members must keep scheduling conflicts to a minimum.

Auditions, Rehearsals and Performances are held at
36 Crawfords Corner Road, Holmdel, NJ 07733
(Located in front of Holmdel High School)

Please email or call the box office at 732-946-0427 with any questions.

Pax Amicus Castle Theatre

Sleeping Beauty

Generation Next
May 12 & 19 @ 12 Noon

Open Cast Call for Teens 13-19 (plus Free Acting Workshop for Teens)

Show Dates: July 14 & 21, plus select weekdays July 11-20
For more information, visit their website here.




GREASE, the 1950’s rock ‘n roll musicalBook, music & lyrics by Jim Jacobs & Warren Casey

Directed and Choreographed by Sean Openshaw

Audition dates:Wednesday May 16th at 7pmThursday May 17th at 7pmSunday May 20th at 11am

Auditions will take place in the Arts Building on the Ocean County College Campus.1 College Drive, Toms River, NJ 08754

Please prepare:16 bars of a song in the style of the showBring sheet music in the correct key; an accompanist will be provided, but may not transpose.

All (except adult roles) are required to dance after your initial vocal audition.Women: Character shoes. Men: Character, dance sneakers or jazz shoes.

Character Breakdown

Looking to cast young performers that appear to be high-school aged – with the exception of Vince and Miss Lynch. Youthful energy, exuberance, angst and a sense of fun are the keys to this production. Every character in this show is at a post-adolescent crossroads so stakes are high.

DANNY – The leader of the “T-Birds.” A leading man who can play jock
and sensitive kid at the same time. Charming, confident, but not
entirely skilled at balancing his cool self with his emotional self.
He has the potential to be a much more evolved human being than he is
– but he’s not quite ready yet. He has to keep up appearances to his
friends but doesn’t fully understand the emotional cost of putting
(immature) friends before (budding) romance. Most likely to succeed –
but only in his own neighborhood – in the yearbook.

SANDY – A sweet, wholesome girl who has the potential to be less than
sweet and wholesome should the need arise. Her innocence is from lack
of experience but she is smart enough to size up those around her and
figure out how their insecurities drive them to certain actions. When
she finally realizes she should join, rather than beat “them” her
transformation is complete proving that she can best even the most
experienced of the Pink Ladies. Most importantly, however, she never
loses her integrity and heart. By the time she graduates, will be most
likely to succeed in the all-around category – in the yearbook.

RIZZO – She is tough and sarcastic leader of the Pink Ladies. She is
volatile, unpredictable and lashes out before she can be lashed at.
But all of her anger and bluster covers up a vulnerable, damaged and
lonely core. Most likely to punch somebody’s lights out – in the

FRENCHY – She is the dreamer who, while not being the brightest bulb
in the pack, has a heart of gold. She is very focused on a career in
the beauty services industry and finds Rydell High the wrong place in
which to pursue that. Her imagination is so powerful that she actually
manifests a dream sequence where her choices in life are brought into
very clear focus. Least likely to succeed – in the yearbook.

MARTY – She is the “beauty” of the Pink Ladies and is receiving gifts
from an older boy. She doesn’t have the street experience of Rizzo but
likes to think of herself as being in a more evolved universe,
romantically, than her cohorts. Most likely to be a cover girl – in
the yearbook.

JAN – She is the rather outspoken, pushy, always-hungry latest entry
into the Pink Ladies. She is tolerated more than liked. She is very
shy around the boys. Most likely to eat her way through Chicago – in
the yearbook.

KENICKIE – He is the second in command of the “T-Birds.” He acts
pretty tough and his relationship with Rizzo is likewise. He is
sarcastic and always there with a quick quip. Most likely to work as a
mechanic in his own garage – in the yearbook.

DOODY – He is the youngest (and perhaps smallest) of the gang. He must
play (or learn how to play) guitar. He is eager to please and loves
his position in the gang and looks up to the older guys. Most likely
to assist somebody important – in the yearbook.

ROGER – He is the gang clown who would do anything for a laugh. He is
full of mischief and half-baked schemes. He also likes to moon people.
Most likely to flip burgers – and enjoy doing it – in the yearbook.

SONNY – He THINKS he is a lady-killer. According to him, if any gal
would go for one of the guys in the gang, they’d probably rather go
with him. A real wheeler dealer. Most likely to get dumped the most
times by the most girls – in the yearbook.

PATTY – She is a bubbly cheerleader who can bowl you over with her
enthusiasm. As such, she is barely tolerated by the Pink Ladies. It
would be helpful if she had “baton twirler” on her resume. Most likely
to marry for money – in the yearbook.

CHA-CHA – (Will double in ensemble) She is a loud-mouthed interloper
from another school. She fashions herself a great dancer. A fun
step-out role during the school hop. Most likely to not be mentioned –
in the yearbook (because she’s from another school).

EUGENE – He is the class valedictorian and, as there is no better way
to phrase it, your typical high school nerd. But he’s got high hopes.
Certainly the most likely to become a successful accountant – in the

VINCE FONTAINE (Adult) – He is the (slightly cheesy/sleazy) D.J. at
WAXX radio. He not only plays all the hits but at the school hop tries
to hit on and make plays at all the girls. A signature trait is that
there is no line from which he cannot construct a clever rhyme.

JOHNNY CASINO – He is the leader of one of the in-school rock bands
who plays at the school hop. It would be helpful if he could play

TEEN ANGEL (Male OR Female) – An “other worldly” presence. Frenchy’s
Guardian Angel who try’s to steer her on the right path. Must be
soulful and able to completely wrap the audience around your finger
with this one song.
*Please refer to the 1994 Billy Porter recording.

MISS LYNCH (Adult Male OR Female) – An old maid English teacher. The
kind our grandparents all told us about from when they were young.

ENSEMBLE – Energetic, youthful, skilled dancers and singers. Several
of these performers will have smaller roles. We are looking for
diverse, energetic, fun people who can give major personality to
Rydell High. Among those cast in the ensemble, 3 men and women will
also be chosen as featured dancers.


Spring Lake Theatre

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

The Spring Lake Theatre will be holding auditions for “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!”

When: Saturday May 19, 2012 at 1:30pm for ages 8-17 Monday May 21, 2012 at 8pm for ages 18 and up CALLBACKS: Wednesday May 23, 2012 at 8pm

*Please prepare 16 bars of an uptempo musical theater selection-no pop broadway please. Come prepared to dance.


*The performances are as follows: July 5,6,7,12,13,14,19,20,21 at 8pm.

For any information please contact us or call 732.449.4530, visit our website at, follow us on facebook: Spring Lake Theatre Company, or follow us on twitter: sltcompany.

Talent Time Players

The Wedding Singer

The Wedding SingerMusic By Matthew SklarLyrics by Chad BegueliunBook by Chad Beguelin and Tim Herlihy

Place: CHRIST CHURCH, 74 Park Ave, Glen Ridge, NJ
Dates: Monday 5/21 and Tuesday 5/22Time: 7p – 10p (Register between 6:45p and 7p)

Directed by Lauren M. Grof-TiszaMusical Direction by Jack BenderProduced by Nik Marmo

Presented Thursday 8/2 thru Saturday 8/4 & Thursday 8/9 thru Saturday 8/11 (all shows at 8pm) at Bloomfield High School in Bloomfield, NJ.

The Charles Seller Foundation /​ Talent Time Players (locally known as Talent Time) is a recognized 501 (C)3 non-profit charity theatre organization. Starting in 1950, a group of volunteers whose ages range from 13-30, have gotten together and produced a musical to benefit someone in the area with high medical bills. All proceeds from our show and fund raising efforts throughout the summer (including car washes, ad sales for the program, ticket sales, donations and more) will be donated to 16 year old Bloomfield resident, Jessica Pastore. For more information on the organization please emailthecharlessellerfoundation@g​

It’s 1985 and rock-star wannabe Robbie Hart is New Jersey’s favorite wedding singer. He’s the life of the party, until his own fiancee leaves him at the altar. Shot through the heart, Robbie makes every wedding as disastrous as his own. Enter Julia, a winsome waitress who wins his affection. Only trouble is Julia is about to be married to a Wall Street shark, and unless Robbie can pull off the performance of a decade, the girl of his dreams will be gone forever. With a brand new score that pays loving homage to the pop songs of the 1980’s, THE WEDDING SINGER takes us back to a time when hair was big, greed was good, collars were up, and a wedding singer might just be the coolest guy in the room.


Robbie Hart – Rock n’ Roll Tenor (B 2 below middle C – Bb above middle C) – Strong singer who can adapt to many different styles. Strong, focused and diverse actor. Great comic timing. Basic movement required. Actor must appear nerdish but with real charm, a likable boy next door approach to the character. Ability to play guitar a plus but not required.

Julia Sullivan – Pop Mezzo (G below middle C – D 2 about middle C) Strong singer, with good movement ability. Strong acting ability. The role is to be played sweet and innocent, she is a waitress who longs to be married and live the perfect married life.

Holly – Rock n’ Roll Mezzo (A below middle C – E Belt 2 above middle C) Julia’s cousin, very uninhibited and forward. Strong dance ability, and a unique voice with a strong belt. Comic timing a must. Based on Madonna of the 80’s.

George – Rock n’ Roll Lyric Tenor (C below middle C – G above Middle C plus falsetto) Strong character singer who can rap and has good falsetto. Boy George type. Ability to play keyboard is a plus but not required.

Sammy – Rock n’ Roll Baritone (D below middle C – Gb above middle C) Holly’s ex and Robbie’s best friend. Doesn’t have to be the best singer. This is a non dancing role but basic movement is required. Sammy is a typical “mans man”. Comic ability a plus. Ability to play the bass guitar is a plus but not required.

Glen Guglia – High Baritone/Tenor (D below middle C – Bb above middle C) Julia’s fiancé, must have great acting skills with singing skills, also requires basic movement. Glenn slightly older in appearance to Julia and Robbie, he is arrogant and wealthy (Think James Spader in the 80’s)

Rosie – Mezzo (Middle C – C) Robbie’s Grandmother. Must have great comic timing and a singing voice that suits both classic musical theatre and rap. Basic movement required. Sweet and lovable, has no shame. Actress will be aged for the role.

Linda – Serious Mezzo Belt (A below middle C – D above middle C) Robbie’s Trashy girlfriend who leaves him at the altar. Strong belt voice with real grunt. Movement required. Think of her as a video vixen (Tawny Kitaen from the Whitesnake videos).

Supporting Roles *All these parts are featured roles and cameos. The performer who plays each part will also be heavily used in the ensemble.

ANGIE – Mezzo – Julia’s Mom. Has a few solo singing lines and has dialogue.

Impersonators: (actual impersonators in the show – not the real person. Able to hold harmonies) TINA TURNER IMELDA MARCOS CYNDI LAUPER MR. T BILLY IDOL RONALD REAGAN

Other solo singing and dialogue parts include (Strong voices, able to hold harmonies): Donatella Crystal Sideburns Lady David Bad Haircut Guy Ricky Donny Bum Loser guy Priest Tiffany Mookie

Ensemble – All vocal ranges accepted. Roles will be party guests (different weddings and events), Mall shoppers, Club dancers

The Growing Stage Theatre

The Wiz

The Growing Stage Theatre in Netcong NJ will be producing THE WIZ this summer with a complete cast of high school and college aged students. This new Summer Musical Program initiative is for students that have completed their first year of high school through those who are currently in college. There is no fee to participate.

Winner of 7 Tony awards, this beloved Broadway musical sets Dorothy’s adventures in the Land of Oz to music in a dazzling, lively mixture of rock, gospel, and soul!

Auditions will take place Tuesday, May 29th at 7:00 PM at The Palace Theatre located on Ledgewood Avenue in Netcong. Each auditionee should have 16 measures of a song prepared with sheet music for the accompanist.

The production will be under the direction of Steve Graham, who has been with The Growing Stage since 2005 as both a professional performer and stage manager. His most recent performance was as the Cat in the Hat in the company’s successful production of SEUSSICAL. Laura Petrie will be the Musical Director.

THE WIZ opens July 14th and runs to the 29th with performances Saturdays at 7:30 PM and Sundays at 4:00 PM. There will be no understudies and rehearsals will take place primarily in the evening.

Cast members will have the opportunity to work with the professional production team of the Growing Stage in the building of sets, props and costumes. Those more interested in the technical aspects of theatre are welcome to attend the audition.

For additional information, please contact Steve Fredericks, Executive Director of the Growing Stage or call the theatre at (973) 347-4946.

Rock Salt Theatre

Comedy Troupe

Where & When…
Wednesday, May 30th 2012 6-8:30pm
at the Mercer County Park Skating Arena
334 South Post Road, Princeton Jct., NJ 08550

Please park in the lot directly across from skating rink
and carefully observe park speed limits.
via email/phone:

What to Prepare:
Please prepare the following:

Tell a funny story that lasts exactly 1-2 minutes. The story should:
•Be original and truly have happened to you
•Involve as much body movement as possible
•Be free of profanity, sexual or bodily function humor (it’s family-type comedy)
•Show some range of your voice’s volume, pitch and pace
•Be told as if speaking to a large audience

In addition to you own presentation you may be asked to perform some group improvisation, as collaborative brilliance is what RST is all about.

What RST is looking for:
8-12 male or female actors who are over 18 and who can play 25-28 years of age.
Previous theatre experience is not required. Bravery however, is.
All actors will be trained in the specific style of layered comedy, specific to the Rock Salt Theatre.
Actors must be as physically flexible as possible– this form of comedy borders on the athletic.

Casting will be ongoing until all spots filled. Callbacks are possible.

The Comedy Theatre Space:

Shows will be performed in a nontraditional black box space at the Mercer County Park Skating Arena during the off season on a permanent basis. This is a covered, open air space. The time commitment involves all Mondays (for rehearsals) June-October, and shows are Friday evenings 6pm-10:30pm August through the end of October. There is also an optional children’s show on Sundays. This is a truly fabulous opportunity to join and grow with an up-and-coming professional comedy troupe that is planning to take the county by storm! Rock Salt is a family comedy environment, where twisted and zany are in, and disturbing drama is out. We are a mix of “Whose Line”, “Saturday Night Live”, and something ELSE which is completely new. So fasten your seatbelts.

There is absolutely no pay or compensation at this time.
You must simply love to do it, for the sake of doing it.

Call/Email the director with any questions and RSVP
for a preferred time slot


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